Introducing eFMLA Version 2!

Dear eFMLA Community,

Exciting news! Based upon your feature requests and overall feedback, we have enhanced eFMLA and are preparing to launch eFMLA Version 2. This latest version of the system will include all new capabilities to allow for a more comprehensive FMLA service.

The newest eFMLA features will enable you to:

  • Track Multiple FMLA Instances: You will now be able to document and track multiple FMLA leave reasons for each employee (e.g., leave to care for own serious health condition, parent, spouse, or child). Each employee will have an Employee FMLA Instance (EFI) Summary Page which contains a comprehensive list of their FMLA instances, complete with the color-coded checkmark icons and relevant demographic information.
  • Upload Medical Providers’ PDFs: If an employee’s healthcare provider returns a paper copy of any certificate, simply scan the document and upload it into the employee’s profile. The uploaded document will save in place of the eFMLA-generated form and the color-coded checkmark icons will update accordingly.
  • Upload and Email Miscellaneous PDFs: Now you will have the option to upload and email any miscellaneous documents relating to any employee’s FMLA leave (e.g. doctor’s notes, Employee Request for FMLA Leave form, company notices) right from their Employee Profile!
  • Upload Company-Wide FMLA Policy: To replace the default eFMLA Policy with your company’s custom FMLA Policy, simply upload the new document in PDF form in your Account Profile page. This action will overwrite the existing policy and your company’s custom FMLA Policy will appear throughout the site.
  • Personalized Emails: You may now include a personalized note with each email you send! When delivering FMLA forms to an employee, you may choose to including some additional text specific to that email.
  • Sort Employees Selectively: The newly formatted Employee Profile List provides you with selective list viewing options. Choose a letter from the alphabetical menu at the top of the page to view employees falling under the chosen last initial.

The launch date for the eFMLA Version 2 upgrade is Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. Please note that the eFMLA website will be temporarily down from Saturday, September 1st through Monday, September 3rd to allow for the system updates.

We are excited to bring you these upgrades and we look forward to hearing your feedback on our exciting new changes!