September 2012 archive

When It’s Time To Go: Protecting Your Company from FMLA Lawsuits

Many HR managers fear the potential consequences of terminating an employee after FMLA leave. Lawsuits for FMLA retaliation and discrimination are not uncommon, making many employers fearful of putting “FMLA” and “termination” in the same sentence. However, if letting go of an employee truly is the best decision for your company, there are ways to …

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Certify Intermittent Leave in 4 Simple Steps

  FMLA abuse is a prominent issue facing the HR community. Pair that with the difficulties of tracking intermittent leave and you have a headache in the making. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take minimize FMLA abuse in intermittent leave. Take a look at four tips published in a recent Business Management Daily article. Managing …

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Mandatory Paid Time Off in the FMLA

A recent publication by Reed Group outlines a growing trend in FMLA policy- mandated, job-protected paid time off. How will this trend affect your FMLA management? Seattle is the most recent jurisdiction to enact paid sick and safe leave.  Pay attention; you may be next! Starting September 1, Seattle employers must provide job-protected paid time off to …

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