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When Reassigning An Employee During FMLA Leave Could Lead to Trouble

Check out a recent post by HR Morning to learn about when reassigning an employee on leave could result in a lawsuit. A win and a warning for employer in FMLA lawsuit This firm won on a technicality in court after it reassigned a woman on medical leave. Here’s what HR can learn from the …

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eFMLA Listed as Preferred FMLA Administration Software

 eFMLA Community, AspexSolutions, the nation’s premier online applicant tracking system in public education, has listed eFMLA as its preferred partner for FMLA administration! Check it out by clicking here! -The eFMLA Team  

eFMLA Version 2.1 Coming Soon!

Dear eFMLA Members, We will be upgrading the eFMLA software to Version 2.1 on Tuesday, October 30, from the hours of 4-7am EST. eFMLA V2.1 will incorporate a number of requested new features and updates, which include: Improved document/form upload administration, Easier navigation throughout the site, Enhanced leave tracking capabilities, and Miscellaneous editorial changes and …

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Disability Accommodations- More Than You Thought

Check out this article from Business Management Daily to read about a recent court ruling that extends disability accommodations beyond what you might expect. Disability Accommodations: The ‘Reasonable’ List Grows Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a final list of what the courts say are “reasonable” accommodations under the disability laws? Employers are truly confused about how …

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When It’s Time To Go: Protecting Your Company from FMLA Lawsuits

Many HR managers fear the potential consequences of terminating an employee after FMLA leave. Lawsuits for FMLA retaliation and discrimination are not uncommon, making many employers fearful of putting “FMLA” and “termination” in the same sentence. However, if letting go of an employee truly is the best decision for your company, there are ways to …

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Certify Intermittent Leave in 4 Simple Steps

  FMLA abuse is a prominent issue facing the HR community. Pair that with the difficulties of tracking intermittent leave and you have a headache in the making. Luckily, there are simple steps you can take minimize FMLA abuse in intermittent leave. Take a look at four tips published in a recent Business Management Daily article. Managing …

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Mandatory Paid Time Off in the FMLA

A recent publication by Reed Group outlines a growing trend in FMLA policy- mandated, job-protected paid time off. How will this trend affect your FMLA management? Seattle is the most recent jurisdiction to enact paid sick and safe leave.  Pay attention; you may be next! Starting September 1, Seattle employers must provide job-protected paid time off to …

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Introducing eFMLA Version 2!

Dear eFMLA Community, Exciting news! Based upon your feature requests and overall feedback, we have enhanced eFMLA and are preparing to launch eFMLA Version 2. This latest version of the system will include all new capabilities to allow for a more comprehensive FMLA service. The newest eFMLA features will enable you to: Track Multiple FMLA …

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Welcome to the eFMLA Blog!

We’re happy to announce the launch of the new eFMLA Blog! Here you will find the latest on FMLA news and updates, as well as eFMLA announcements regarding new features, discounts, and more. Our blog contributors include Scott D. Macdonald, Esq., SPHR, who is the Vice President and co-founder of eFMLA, and Valerie D. Bradley, …

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