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When FMLA Leave and Facebook Photos Do Not Mix

  Read about the latest employee FMLA mishap when Facebook pictures proved FMLA abuse, as published in When it comes to abusing FMLA leave, this employee failed in a particularly funny way — and she only has herself to blame. Here are the details of the case: Carol Lineberry worked as a nurse for a …

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Tenth Circuit Upholds Employee Termination 2 Days After FMLA Leave Request

A recent court ruling upheld an employee’s termination two days after requesting FMLA leave. Check out the full article below. The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, in Brown v. ScriptPro, LLC, 2012 U.S. App. LEXIS 24364 (Nov. 27, 2012), recently clarified that discharging an employee within two days of a request for medical leave does not …

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New Study: FMLA Leave Causes Need for FMLA Leave

A new study from the Reed Group suggests that employee’s who take FMLA leave to act as caretakers for a loved one are likely to need FMLA leave for themselves soon after. Study: Disability Claims After Intermittent FMLA Indicate That Caregivers Are Finding It Hard to Cope Here’s a heads-up to human resources pros: If …

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Honest Belief Sways FMLA Court Case


Here’s an instance when Facebook photos provided an employer with the belief that an employee has been abusing FMLA policy. In the court settlement, honest belief was enough to win the case. About a year-and-a-half into Sara Jaszczyszyn’s employment with Advantage Health Physician Network (“Advantage”), she began taking intermittent FMLA leave for back pain that …

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Disability Accommodations- More Than You Thought

Check out this article from Business Management Daily to read about a recent court ruling that extends disability accommodations beyond what you might expect. Disability Accommodations: The ‘Reasonable’ List Grows Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a final list of what the courts say are “reasonable” accommodations under the disability laws? Employers are truly confused about how …

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When It’s Time To Go: Protecting Your Company from FMLA Lawsuits

Many HR managers fear the potential consequences of terminating an employee after FMLA leave. Lawsuits for FMLA retaliation and discrimination are not uncommon, making many employers fearful of putting “FMLA” and “termination” in the same sentence. However, if letting go of an employee truly is the best decision for your company, there are ways to …

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