New eFMLA Features Now Included!

Dear eFMLA Community,

We are excited to announce the latest eFMLA System Update! You will now see the following new features included in your eFMLA account:

  • New Comprehensive Employee Reports- Located under ‘Reports & Forms’ in your Account Main Menu
    • Employee Report- This report provides a basic overview of each employee’s FMLA activity and information, including Employee ID #, # of EFIs, Department, Location and Work Week Hours.
    • Eligibility Report- This report lists the eligibility and leave information relating to each employee’s specific EFI(s), including Key Status, Eligibility Status, Leave Type, Leave Start Date, Amount of Leave Taken and Return to Work Date.
    • Leave Usage & Balance Report- This report shows a comprehensive overview of each employee’s total leave balance and usage, including Amount of Leave Taken and Amount of Leave Remaining.
    • Email & Telephone- This report lists the contact information for each employee in the database.
    • Search Leave Remaining- This search feature allows you to enter a maximum number of leave hours remaining and view all employees who fall below that number of hours.
    • Note: all of the information in the reports above can be downloaded into a comprehensive Excel spreadsheet report.
  • Cover Letter Signature- Choose which eFMLA administrator’s signature and contact information will appear in each Cover Letter.
  • CC Option- Choose to send copies of employee emails to additional recipients using the CC feature on the Email Miscellaneous Documents and Email Employee Forms pages.
  • Email View- View a copy of an email to an employee upon sending.
  • Employee Profile List Pages- Lengthy Employee Profile Lists have been divided into segments (1-50, 51-100, etc.) for easier navigation.
  • Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

These new features will provide you with even more comprehensive eFMLA management. Please direct all questions and comments to or reach us by phone at 855-488-FMLA (3652).

Thank you for using eFMLA!