About eFMLA

eFMLA is a progressive customer-centered organization, established in 2009, to enable employers to fully and easily comply with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. eFMLA provides online services to facilitate FMLA administration and management with the following tools:

  • FMLA-required forms and notices that can be customized to reflect each organization’s unique policies and procedures
  • Additional related forms, policies, and materials to better manage FMLA
  • eFMLA Data Management of all FMLA-related information and documents
  • Online tracking & monitoring of all FMLA leave usage and balances
  • Electronic processing of paperwork with employees and health care providers
  • Reference tips and explanations
  • 24/7 Secure Access

eFMLA has over 15 years of direct experience in labor & employment law, human resource management, and FMLA administration, along with online database systems, analysis, maintenance and hosting.